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We Produce IA, AB, IB & BC Quality.  Sheep Casings are the highest quality small diameter casings used for finest in sausages such as Bockwurst, Frankfurters and Port Sausage. These casings combine tenderness with sufficient strength to with stand the filling, cooking, and smoking operations.


The caecum or blind gut has an average length of 50cm and diameter of 05 cm. Caecums are substantially processed in the same way as beef middles. Sheep Caps are used for stuffing cooked sausages Foods etc. Their diameter varies from 35mm to 70 mm. Sheep Caps are sold by the piece, with 50-100 pieces per bundle OR according to customer requirements.


Company starts tubing process from 2011 and now supplying several quantities of tube casings in domestic & international market.
Tube casing came first before filling sausages. Each strand of tube casings is shirred on a tube to allow one-step loading of the casing directly on the sausage filling horn. This speeds up production.


beef casings are tougher than hog casings and should be soaked in water longer. When making fermented sausages beef casings also have a higher tendency to become slimy during fermentation or the drying stage. This is a minor inconvenience and the slime is simply wiped off.

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